14th European Headache Federation Congress

Head over Ache: Silver Lining Novel Treatments
June 29 – July 02, 2020

Evening program

We would like to invite you to our evening program of the EHF 2020.
Find some further information as well as a little summary of each evening in the following.

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Monday, June 29
We invite everyone to spend a pleasant evening with us. We will take you on a journey to the origin of wine and later to different types of wine in different eras and countries. So we can end a strenuous day together with a glass of your favorite wine.

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Tuesday, June 30
Let's go to a virtual and slightly different sightseeing tour through Berlin! Come with us on a musical journey with Nina Hagen, Depeche Mode and more and have a view inside the famous Hansa Studios.

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Wednesday, July 01
Time to dance! Take a dance class with our dance teacher. Learn some steps within the EHF dance class. You have no dance partner? No worries, the class will be without need of a dance partner, just enjoy a funny moving evening.



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