14th European Headache Federation Congress

July 3–5, 2020 • Berlin, Germany

14th European Headache Federation Congress

July 3–5, 2020 • Berlin, Germany

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Scientific program


New treatments
Impact of CGRP targeted therapies in practice: Evidence from clinical trials and clinical practice 
Overview of approved and soon to be approved preventive treatments, real-world evidence on patterns of use and impact on outcomes

New targets
Emphasizes the generation of mechanisms that will lead to the next generation of treatment 

Prognostic biomarkers and individualized treatment
Identifying natural subgroups of people with migraine: Approaches to personalized medicine
Review on the evidence that symptom profiles, comorbidity, triggers, treatment response, genetics, biomarkers and imaging can be used to identify natural subgroups of people with migraine and that those subgroups are useful in individualizing treatment and improving outcomes 

Headache and public health
Measuring the interictal burden of migraine, WHO perspectives

Regulatory and reimbursement science in headache medicine
EMA, FDA, NICE perspectives
Role of MBS as an acute treatment outcome 

Latest and greatest headache science
Role of glymphatic system in migraine, mechanisms of individual symptoms such as nausea, photo, phono, etc. 

Young scientific talents
EHF – School of Advanced Studies presents its work 

EHF invites:

  • EFIC – European Pain Federation,
  • WONCA – World Organization of National Colleges, Academies and Academic Associations of General Practitioners/Family Physicians,
  • EMA – European Medicines Agency, and
  • WHO – World Health Organization

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